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Best Trolling Rod and Reel Combo

Last Updated: 24.04.24

Trolling rod and reel combos – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


The success of one’s fishing experience depends on a variety of factors from the weather conditions at the moment of one’s fishing adventure to the use of the best trolling rod and reel combos. In case you need to renew your fishing gear with a new rod and reel combo yet you have little time at disposal and can’t afford to go through our entire buying guide, this paragraph might be of help. After examining the various products available for sale as well as their specs and ratings, our team of researchers has concluded that the first option to consider is the KastKing Toray & Centron. The reel and rod included were built to suit a variety of fishing applications and provide smooth performance. The items are lightweight to provide the angler with comfort yet durable enough to keep up with extended fishing sessions. In case this product is currently out of stock, another option you might want to try is the KastKing Brutus.



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3 Best Trolling Rod and Reel Combos (Reviews) in 2024


Any trolling angler worth their salt ought to be aware how critical a trolling rod and reel combo is to a successful outing in the water. While we know finding it is not easy, a trolling rod and reel kit ought to have the qualities exhibited by the following highly rated products:



1. KastKing Centron Spinning Reel Fishing Rod Combos


Whether you’ve just started to explore the realm of fishing or you’re already a skilled angler interested in a rod and reel combo that will up your game, this product from KastKing should not go unchecked. It was designed to suit a variety of fishing applications and last.

The combo is available in various lengths to enable all anglers to easily find the unit that will suit their specific needs. You will thus find items ranging from 6’ designs that make a great choice for fishing trout, bass, and panfish to 8’ units that will help you catch salmon, catfish, and steelhead.

To make sure you get to use the combo for a long time, all models boast stainless-steel guides and premium O-ring inserts that work with braided and mono lines alike. The stainless frames won’t just visually add to your performance and keep up with extended use but are also lightweight to help you enjoy the comfort and balance you need for smooth operation.

Each rod comes with a matching KastKing Centron spinning reel. The reels are available in various sizes ranging from 2000 to 5000 and come with an anti-twist line roller, an aluminum spool, a lightweight graphite frame, and a powerful triple disc drag.


Designed for anglers who want a reel and rod combo that will enable them to go fishing right away, this pack includes a quality spinning rod and a matching reel which are committed to lasting and boosting your experience.

The Toray IM6 rod included is available in various sizes to match different fishing applications and the reels come in sizes that will perfectly match the rod size you decide to go for.

To enhance your comfort and make it easy for you to use and transport the gear, the rod features a 2-piece design as well as contoured EVA handles and fighting butt.

The spinning reel sports a graphite frame and rotor, a powerful triple disc drag, an aluminum spool, and a 9+1 ball bearing system to ensure exceptional performance.


A few buyers say some rod parts might not be that durable and might break if used heavily.

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2. KastKing Brutus Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo


If you don’t hold back from fishing in extreme weather conditions and you’re often on the lookout for hard-fighting fish, this rod and reel combo from KastKing might be of interest. The product was designed to meet such needs and provide the angler with the toughness and durability needed to carry out such fishing sessions and do so successfully.

To make sure all anglers find a combo that matches their specific needs, the composite fishing pole blanks come in various lengths ranging from 5’ to 7’and in power ratings that range from light to heavy. Each rod features a 2-piece design that will make it easy for you to store and add it to your gear when traveling.

Since fishing exposes the rod and reel to elements that could damage them, this combo sports materials that will make sure you don’t get to experience such problems. You will thus get stainless steel running guide frames as well as stainless steel rings that are resistant to corrosion.

The KastKing combo includes a spinning reel that matches the rod perfectly so you can use the unit right away. The reel sports a CNC aluminum spool, graphite frame, rotor, and handle, a powerful drag as well as 4+1 stainless steel ball bearings.


Designed to withstand even extreme weather conditions and more aggressive fish, this rod and reel combo is worth adding to your list of options if what you have in mind is a durable yet comfortable unit.

The combos are available in versions from 5’ to 7’ long and power ratings ranging from light to heavy; therefore, you can easily find the one that best suits your fishing goals.

The rod is a 2-piece design, which allows for easy storage and transportation.

To provide anglers with durability and toughness, the rod and reel feature quality materials that promise to stand the test of time and resist corrosion.

Every combo includes a perfectly matched spinning fishing reel that features durable yet lightweight materials to make it possible for you to engage in long fishing sessions without losing comfort.


At least one buyer says the combo ordered proved to be a bit heavier than expected, otherwise, the unit worked as advertised.

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3. Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Combo


In case your fishing goals call for a durable yet flexible and sensitive rod as well as a perfectly matching reel that will keep up with your fishing sessions, this model might be right up your alley. It was designed to boost one’s experience and do so for a long time.

The rod has been appreciated for being stiff and sturdy yet flexible enough to bend easily without breaking. What’s more, the rod was built to help you catch more fish; therefore, despite its solid construction, it is sensitive. To achieve toughness, the manufacturer used fiberglass whereas sensitivity is ensured thanks to the graphite employed.

This combination of materials translates into a well-balanced rod that is easy to use and promises to deliver exceptional performance. Moreover, the rod boasts a 2-piece design, a feature that allows anglers to store and transport it with ease.

The combo includes a quality reel that ensures a smooth casting experience and comes with an anodized aluminum spool with oversized bail wire. The reel construction and materials employed will thus make sure that snarls and backlashes won’t be part of your experience and that you will enjoy speed, power, and versatility.


Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve already gained some angling experience, this rod and reel combo is an option worth taking into account, given its solid construction and the performance delivered.

The combo includes a strong yet flexible and sensitive rod that will help you catch the fish you’ve targeted with greater ease as well as a quality reel that will further boost your performance through power and versatility.

To provide you with durability and enable you to use it for a long time, this combo features quality materials such as fiberglass, graphite, and aluminum.

Despite the solid construction, the rod is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use.

The 2-piece design of the rod allows for easy storage and transportation and, thanks to the way the reel was built, you will enjoy a smooth casting experience.


Some users say the combo might be a better option for starters and not an ideal choice for advanced anglers.

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Buying guide


Trolling can mean many different things depending on the angler, but basically, it is a fishing technique that targets fish floating in deep water. Trolling anglers focus on a variety of fish species from trout and salmon to the large saltwater fish including marlin, sailfish, and tuna. The most critical element in any trolling setup is the rod and reel, so how do you find the perfect ones for you?

The best rod and reel combo for the money comes with a high-quality trolling rod

It isn’t all that difficult to find a trolling rod. Trolling rods come in three basic designs namely, inner-flow, roller guides, and standard eyes. When targeting most species, trolling anglers go for a relatively stiff rod that can put up a fight with big fish that strike and belligerently head in the opposite direction, with the rod kept in its holder.

Fish with delicate mouths should be caught with a longer, more flexible rod. A good setup would be using two shorter rods in the rear and two longer rods in the front, a rig that assists with the line separation. You need the extra flex from a longer rod to buffer the force of a fish strike while effectively preventing the hook from getting torn out.

Roller guide rods are best for larger freshwater fish species. Saltwater fish species tend to have a greater stamina to engage in protracted and more intense battles in the water, and you most definitely need the leverage provided by a rod with roller guides. The guides prevent friction buildup on the line when the rod bends in a rigid arch.

Innerflow rods are designed with the line actually running through the blank and not in any external guides. The configuration eliminates the stress points while generating a smooth arching bend.


The best trolling rod and reel combo features a reel with a suitable body construction

The body of the reel can be made with three major categories namely, graphite, machined aluminum, and cast aluminum.

Strength is not really a given in graphite reels, but the material does mean a lighter structure along with a more affordable cost. However, weight might not be much of a consideration for trollers who leave their rods in holders most of the time.

A cast aluminum frame is a step up in terms of quality and strength. A precision-machined aluminum reel built from a solid block of aluminum provides the best option. The stress of the trolling gear generates the torque on the reel although most of the force comes from the battle from larger species that genuinely tests the limits of the fishing setup.

A machined aluminum body is critical for fighting big species as the component is more rigid and features precisely aligned gears and bearings.

Choose a product in the best trolling combo reviews with incomparable reel features

All but large saltwater fish can be captured with ease with a level wind. To be able to fight the fish with great focus, you will need a level line on the spool. For smooth control over the big fish, a streamlined drag is necessary. Star drag adjustments found next to the handle are what most anglers prefer.

The clicker is a convenient device that delivers an audible signal of the line being released, so you want this element to be loud and of good quality.

Dual-speed reels let you take up line easily when fighting large fish that put up a serious fight and go in the other direction. Make sure the reel offers great cranking power. The line capacity is also critical since you wouldn’t want to run out of line in serious freshwater depths.



Unavailable products


Penn Squall Level Wind Combo


The Penn Squall is a trolling rod-and-reel combo that impresses consumers with its remarkable craftsmanship and functionality. The rod has been used by professionals the world over.

It is one of the fine-quality components included in the rod-and-reel combo package. Both the rod and the reel support the brand’s deep commitment to bringing quality fishing gear to more people.

The lightweight graphite frame and side plates provide a fantastic sensitivity that enables you to feel even the most uncertain nibbles on the line when the fish strike. Both the side plates and the frame provide easy carrying thanks to how they carry a delightful, lightweight design that is easy to work with.

The reel is equipped with a marine-grade bronze alloy main gear that boasts high strength for many seasons of use. The one-piece tubular glass blank has a solid tip that guarantees an unbeatable level of toughness. The blank is virtually indestructible to ensure value for money.




Daiwa Wilderness Downrigger Rod


The DAIWA Wilderness comes from a brand long known to produce top-quality fishing equipment the world over. It is a rod-and-reel combo that comes with the finest quality components equipped with the most coveted features. The product is made affordable for more anglers to enjoy their serious pursuit of bagging the season’s catch.

The components have been designed for all-around trolling. They can be used with a Dipsy Diver as well as a downrigger. The rod features a resilient and strong fiberglass blank that keeps its integrity regardless of the elements it is exposed to. You can mistreat this rod, and it isn’t going to give up on you, literally.

The aluminum oxide guides are made with an amazingly cut-proof functionality that ensures the fishing line stays flat and straight along the length of the rod. Friction is reduced between the line and the rod because the guides ensure a smooth line flow that cuts down on abrasion, which eliminates line breakages and knots.




Okuma Great Lakes Trolling Rod / Reel Combo


The Okuma Great Lakes OKUMA-OII is an exceptional rod-and-reel set that has all the great features that any Okuma piece of gear is known for and at a price you can’t refuse. The rod itself is made tough to withstand the rigors of troll fishing thanks to its robust E-glass blank. The rod blank also makes the device more sensitive so you can feel the fish strike the lure or bait.

The stainless steel hooded reel seat secures the reel in place while keeping the critical component from wobbling. The reel seat is made to resist corrosion so it can deliver many seasons of service to the avid angler. The rod is equipped with aluminum oxide guides that keep the fishing line straight and friction-free along the rod’s entire length.

The double-footed design of the guides provides security and durability while preventing the line from breaking and knots. The comfortable EVA foam grip facilitates an easy handling and provides an adequate degree of sensitivity plus control.



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