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Best Trout Spinning Reel

Last Updated: 23.09.23

Trout spinning reels – Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you are looking for the best fishing equipment but you lack the time to read the product reviews and specifications our team has prepared, you can find all the information you need about the best trout spinning reel in this short paragraph. After carefully analyzing many reviews and opinions coming from both hobbyists and professional anglers, our team has concluded that the Okuma Ceymar is the option you should consider. The product comes with a compact, refined, and durable blade body design that is meant to reduce bulk and to minimize the overall size. Another great thing about this model is that both left and right-handed anglers can use the reel due to the multi-disc felt drag system. Although it offers superior performance, this item is available for a very affordable price. In the unfortunate event our first suggestion is unavailable, we recommend that you also keep the Battle II Metal Series in mind.



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7 Best Trout Spinning Reels (Reviews) in 2023



1. Okuma Ceymar Lightweight Spinning Reel


Smooth, precise, and beautiful are the first things that will come to your mind once you start using this spinning reel. The elegant design and the smooth performance of this model ensure that any angler will have fabulous fishing experiences every time. It is designed with a fluid eight-bearing drive system and it also features Okuma’s precision elliptical gearing. 

The Ceymar reel provides a full line-up of superior performance features. You will get a real foundation of strength for the monofilament and braided fishing lines thanks to the rigid, machined aluminum spool. Moreover, the oversized line roller and the heavy-duty aluminum bail wire deliver sure performance over a long period. 

You can forget about that annoying wobble other reels develop over time because this model comes with a rotor system that features Okuma’s REESII computer balancing. You will also get complete control over the reel, due to the forged aluminum handle arm.


The refined, compact, and corrosion-resistant blade body design that reduces bulk and also minimizes the overall size is one of the many great things you will notice about this reel.

What is more, thanks to the multi-disc, oiled felt drag system, both right-handed and left-handed anglers will be able to enjoy their favorite outdoor activity.

Like other buyers, you might be surprised how lightweight, and especially small this reel is. However, once you give it a try, you will not have any more doubts about its performance.

Not only is this model very effective, but many customers actually mentioned that this is the best inexpensive reel they have purchased. That clearly says a lot!

The firm, machined aluminum spool is very strong and can support up to two tons.


The 5.0 to 1 gear ratio works slower compared to other similar reels of this size, as a few comments were made in this sense.

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2. Fishing Reel Saltwater Spinning Reel with Withstand Salt Water Corrosion


There is very little you can’t cast for with this spinning reel. Not only is it ideal for catching trout and other panfish, but it can also be used in some saltwater applications.

It is constructed from durable materials that are resistant to rust and corrosion so you can be assured of a reliable performance every time. For added protection from corrosion the drag system is sealed.

You never have to worry about the handle breaking due to its CNC machined metal construction, no matter how hard you turn it. The 13 +1 ball bearings will provide you with smooth and reliable casts, and also help to prevent annoying line tangles and snarls.

To ensure you have plenty of power this reel comes with a carbon fiber drag system. The sturdy handle also comes with an EVA filled grip so comfort isn’t a problem when you are reeling a fish in.


If you plan to conquer big saltwater gamefish, you should consider this durable and high-range spinning reel that is appreciated by many anglers.

The reel features a full metal body, a side plate, rotor, and a heavy-duty aluminum bail wire. This reliable construction offers the item increased durability. 

Thanks to the HT-100 carbon fiber drag system, a powerful drag is ensured while the smoothness is not sacrificed in any way.

This model is also equipped with a fluid cranking with five sealed stainless steel ball bearings as well as an instant anti-reverse bearing.

Moreover, the superline spool does not require any backing, it is braid-ready, and also has line capacity rings marked at 1/3, 2/3, as well as full capacity.


Even though this model is highly appreciated by many anglers, some feel that it is a bit too heavy. 

There were a few complaints about the company’s customer service which doesn’t seem to be very helpful.

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3. TICA SB800 Cetus Trout Spinning Fishing Reel


If you are looking for the best ultra light spinning reel for trout, you might want to consider this model by TICA.

Not only is it incredibly lightweight and compact, but it also comes with a sleek and professional appearance.

This spinning reel will look great on any compatible spinning rod.

Along with an elegant appearance, it is also designed to be durable. The metal construction ensures that this spinning reel will last for years. You will also appreciate its reliable performance.

It is capable of providing you with smooth drags and retrievals so you can enjoy successful fishing trips. The reel is also designed for comfort and comes with a padded handle.


The sleek and professional appearance of this reel will certainly draw your attention immediately. In addition, it is also compact and incredibly lightweight.

Besides its reliable performance, the metal construction of this model ensures that it will last you for years throughout many fishing adventures.

Furthermore, this reel is capable of delivering smooth drags and retrievals each time you decide to use it on your fishing trips.

What is more, besides being elegant and performant, the reel was also designed with the angler’s comfort in mind. Therefore, it is equipped with a padded handle.

In case you are looking for an ultralight spinning reel for trout fishing, this model should definitely be on your mind and you will probably be very happy with your choice.


A few users find the way the reel spools the line a bit strange, as it lets some of it unused.

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4. Pflueger PRESSP25B President Spinning Fishing Reel


With this model, you will get smooth performance at a great value. This spinning reel is among the first in its class in regards to both performance and features. In case you are looking for a distinct series of spinning reels, you should definitely check this one. 

The President series from Pflueger feature a ten-bearing system containing ball bearings which are made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The unit has a compact construction and it is made from lightweight graphite. It also includes a braid ready spool. The design includes a sealed drag system as well, which is always lubricated and ready to be used. 

This sealed drag system ensures a smooth reel operation with slow oscillations, improving a ley line while minimizing line twist. If you decide to select a model from this series, you should also know that the B letter at the end of the model number stands for the type of packaging.


The first thing you will notice when holding this unit is how light and compact it is, but also how easy and smooth it is to operate it.

The body and the rotor of this reel are made of lightweight graphite. Furthermore, the braid ready spool permits for the braid to be tied directly to the spool.

The ten-bearing system features high-quality stainless-steel ball bearings that are corrosion-resistant.

Moreover, the sealed drag system features sealed drag washers which are always lubricated and ready to be used.

Another thing to consider is the slow oscillation gearing that greatly improves the line lay while also decreasing line twist.


There was a customer who said that the action became rough and had a grinding feel to it after three uses. Still, after disassembling it and cleaning the sand out of it, it works great again.

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5. Piscifun Flame Spinning Reels Light Weight Ultra Smooth Powerful Spinning 


This is another series of spinning reels that is truly worth your attention. Starting from the exquisite appearance, their construction, and features, everything about these units was carefully selected to offer anglers exceptional fishing experience. It is enough to look at it, and your interest will surely be aroused. 

In terms of features, the Piscifun Flame Spinning Reels are equipped with 9+1 high-quality ball bearings that will offer you buttery-smooth cast and retrieve performance. The triple drag washers provide excellent smooth drag operation for a steady line out. You will also like the anti-corrosion zinc drive gear. 

The accurate mesh teeth on the gear drive deliver a powerful and consistent operation even when you are fighting the big fish. Another thing worth mentioning is the crisp click sound. The high quality of the components which have been precisely assembled gives this reel a better clicker sound than what many competitors offer. 


The matte black body combined with the red aluminum spool offer this model an exquisite appearance. You will like the unique hollow body, the X-shape spool, and personalized handle.

The rather narrow hollow graphite body as well as the lightweight gears makes this unit compact and lightweight improving your fishing experience.

You will be able to enjoy the buttery smooth performance of this reel, thanks to the nine ball bearings and one roller bearing that is paired with precision gears engagement.

Moreover, this model delivers outstanding drag power of up to 19.8 pounds. The reinforced metal shaft, the machined brass pinion gear, and triple washers, all make sure of this.

What is more, the high-quality braid ready spool offers this unit superior value that you would otherwise only get from high-end spinning reels.


Some users would put a little longer base arm because the spool sets too close to the rod and can hit your hand.

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6. Shimano Sienna FE Reel


The M-Compact Body of this unit puts the oscillation gear closer to the rod forming a new center of gravity and, as a result, a more balanced feel. Including the Propulsion Line Management system which helps obtain longer casts and reduced backlash, this model uses Super Stopper II for instant anti-reverse without any back-play. 

The SHIMANO Sienna FE, Freshwater Spinning Fishing Reels are available in sizes from 1000 to 4000, and each one is perfectly suited for all kinds of fishing scenarios and environments. The 4000 model has a drag power of up to 18.5 pounds which is great. Any angler who has some experience with fishing gear has at least heard the name Shimano. 

We looked at some customer reviews, and one buyer with over 15 years of fishing experience mentioned that he trusts Shimano quality and that he will stay loyal to this brand. We have to say that he was not the only one with this opinion.


This model is flawlessly suited for both freshwater and inshore fishing and for most types of fishing environments and situations.

The oscillation gear is moved closer to the rod, changing the center of gravity and providing the user with a more balanced feel, thanks to the new M-Compact Body.

The reel is equipped with the Propulsion Line Management System which is great for providing longer casting distances. It also prevents wind knots from developing and backlashes as well.

This model utilizes the Super Stopper II technology for immediate anti-reverse with no back play. 

The Dyna-Balance technology helps to eliminate wobble while retrieving the fish. It works by counterbalancing the rotor to improve smoothness and sensitivity.


Featuring 1+1 ball bearings, this unit is a little lighter than some users would have preferred. 

Also, the reel is a bit too small for a few other anglers who purchased this model.

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7. Pflueger Trion Spinning Fishing Reel


This model is a trigger-actuated spin cast reel that has the same construction quality which makes other options provided by this manufacturer a great bet. The reel features titanium take-up pins which increase the durability of this unit and dispel any concerns regarding corrosion. 

Casting with the Pflueger Trion Spinning Fishing Reel feels excellent, while its gearing delivers a perfect speed for a diversity of lures. The anti-reverse and multi-stop features are not as desirable as an instant system but it does do the job and it also keeps the price at a very reasonable level. 

Moreover, the drag is powerful enough to break the lines this model was designed for and you will find that it is quite easy to set accurately the four-pound test. Also, you will immediately notice how solid the reel feels in your hand. The 20 size weighs 5.9 ounces while the 30 size weighs 8.6 ounces. 


This product is part of a series that is characterized by smooth performance, solid construction, varied weights to select from, and multiple fish reels.

The units are equipped with a seven-bearing system. The ball bearings are corrosion resistant as they are made of high-quality stainless steel. 

The graphite body and rotor make these units light and durable. The aluminum spool is also lightweight and long-lasting. 

Furthermore, the stainless steel and oil felt drag delivers steady drag pressure and it is also corrosion-resistant. 

What is more, the handle is made from aircraft-grade aluminum which provides the unit extreme durability. This model also features on and off instant anti-reverse bearing.


Some users mentioned that the anti-reverse system does not kick in and the unit starts spinning the other way, although they say that this does not happen very often.

There were a few buyers who complained about the company’s customer service.

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Buying guide



The best trout spinning reel reviews recommend first deciding on a budget. Deciding on a set spending limit will help narrow down your options so you can easily find a reel that is right for you. When you are deciding on a budget it is important to make sure that the spinning reel is compatible with your rod. Not all spinning rods and reels are compatible, and you don’t want to waste your money on gear that won’t work together. If you’re not sure if the reel is compatible with your rod you can check with the manufacturer’s website or inquire at a sporting goods store.


The body of the reel can be constructed from a variety of materials, and this will also affect the price. Most spinning reels are made from graphite, aluminum or a composite metal. Graphite is extremely durable, but it does come at a higher price. Aluminum spinning reels are lightweight, often reinforced for strength and are generally considered more affordable. The main downside to aluminum spinning reels is that they can be prone to rust and corrosion when exposed to saltwater for extended periods of time. You can find some that are oxidized and this can prevent this problem, but this can also increase the price.



Spinning reels are generally classified as ultra-light, light or medium, and this is important to consider since this will determine what you can successfully catch. Ultra light spinning reels are compact in size, typically come with a smaller gear ration and are a great choice when you are casting for trout and other panfish. Light and medium spinning reels are considered “standard”, and typically hold 8 to 15 lb test line. This allows you to go after a variety of fresh and saltwater fish, and are a great choice if you are looking for a multipurpose reel. You do want to make sure that the reel has a high gear ratio, and comes with multiple ball bearings to ensure a smooth and reliable performance.

If you want to successfully land trout and other types of fish you need the right spinning reel to go with the rest of your gear. While we can’t choose the right fishing gear for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best trout spinning reel showcased above.



Unavaible products

PLUSINNO HongYing Series


If you are looking for a trout spinning reel that can be used for salt and freshwater fishing applications, you might want to consider this model by PLUSINNO. It is constructed from sturdy aluminum so it is lightweight and durable.

This also helps to ensure that the reel won’t throw off the balanced feel of your rod. With 3 models in this series to choose from, you can find the perfect trout spinning reel to compliment your rod.

To ensure plenty of strength so you can successfully cast for small and medium size fish it comes with a power gear drive. This is enhanced by the 5.2:1 gear ratio. To ensure a smooth and reliable performance there are multiple ball bearings, along with one anti-reverse.

With a collapsible handle that is also interchangeable, this spinning reel is a great choice for right and left hand anglers.



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