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Cheap Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Last Updated: 01.04.23

Affordable fly fishing combos – Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best inexpensive fly fishing combo on the market. We have analyzed plenty of feedback on various products from both amateur and professional anglers and used the data to find what we believe is the best cheap fly fishing rod and reel combo, the Wild Water Starter Package. Offering value for money, this product, which has earned plenty of five-star reviews among various fly fishing packages on Amazon, ships with all you need to get started on an exciting day of fishing: a 4-piece, 9-foot fishing rod, a sizable arbor reel with drag, backing and leader, some preinstalled line, a rod case and rod sock, 3 Black Winged Ants, a fly box, 3 Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymphs, 3 Parachute Adams, and a spare leader. The lifetime rod warranty rounds up the whole package to ensure dependable craftsmanship and performance through the years. The slow-action, mid-flex fishing rod simplifies practice casting with its solid features that rival more expensive models used by seasoned fly casters and instructors. If the Wild Water Starter Package runs out of stock, you could get the second best option, the Martin Fly Fishing 23 Combo.



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5 Best Affordable Fly Fishing Combos (Reviews) in 2023

The market is filled with plenty of choices on fly fishing rods, which tends to complicate the consumer’s buying experience. We designed the above buying guide to provide the necessary information to help you along. The products featured below can also simplify your entire buying journey.



1. Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 5/6 Starter Package


1-wild-water-flyLooking for the best fly fishing rod and reel combos for beginners? The Wild Water 5/ 6 Starter Package provides the answer in one cool kit. Offering value for money, this combo package ships with the sought-after AX56-090-4 Series 4-piece fly fishing rod, as well as a center disc drag, a large diecast aluminum arbor reel preloaded with backing, a rod sock and rod case, 5x tapered leader, a floating fly line geared to be weight forward, a spare leader and a fly box containing 9 flies.

With all you need to get started on fly fishing, this exceptional product ensures reliable functionality and performance on your fishing trips. The rod itself accommodates a 5 or 6 weight line that proves to be fantastic for catching a variety of fish from small trout to the heftier panfish and small bass.

The rod offers reliable fishing performance whether you’re on the prowl for trophy fish or just the local pond species. Designed by Wild Water to be very forgiving for amateur use, the rod offers the seasoned angler fantastic performance as well. The rod comes with slow action and mid-tip flex to enable both beginner and professional anglers to enjoy great fishing experience during every outing.


The product is the perfect choice if you are a beginner as it contains all the items that you might need when out fishing, including a rod, a disc drag, an aluminum reel, and a rod case.

Moreover, the diecast aluminum fly fishing reel that this choice includes comes preloaded with a 20-pound blaze orange backing, a 9’ 5X leader, and with line.

When shipped, the kit also comes fitted with a special bag where you can store and/or transport the rod, a booklet for novices, and a gift box packaging.

The rod can accommodate a five or a six weight line. Therefore, this item is highly versatile as it can be used to catch a wide array of fish.


Although this model is considered a good choice for an entry level fisher, the option is not necessarily practical when used by seasoned anglers.

It has been noted that the flange that connects to the spool is not smooth when reeling. Yet, its buyers were happy with the overall performance of the device.

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2. Martin Fishing Unisex’s 190731-SSI Complete Fly Combo


If you are a beginner when it comes to fly fishing, then you might want to find a product that is easy to learn and easy to use so that you won’t get frustrated for not catching fish. Luckily, this fishing combo is ideally designed to help newbie anglers to fully enjoy their newly discovered hobby.

Besides being great for those that just started fishing, this product is also affordable enough in order to be a serious option for anyone. Some call it one of the most generous fly outfits that exist in the marketplace, and it is easy to understand why. This classic fly fishing combo comes with a pre-spooled line, which means that is ready for fishing as soon as you take it out of the box.

Its reel comes with a metal clicker that has an on/off control for easy maneuvering. You’ll find that there is plenty of fly line, about 20 pounds worth of it, thus allowing you to enjoy a quiet afternoon out. Portability is another neat thing about this combo, and that’s thanks to its multi-pieced rod. Just disassemble it into its three pieces and store it away when you don’t need it.


This alternative comes pre-spooled with a 5ft. line. It also incorporates a metal clicker that has an on and off controller that you will certainly like.

As the seller points out, this choice can hold 50-yds/20-lb backing, and it can be used with fly line easily. What is more, the product also includes a fly assortment and a guide that you can read before using it for the first time.

This kit is regarded as manageable and easy to use, especially by novice anglers that need the extra help.

The rod included in the deal is flexible, and the reel is stable and not difficult to maneuver.


One buyer claimed that, after one year of use, the rod included in the deal snapped in half as it was cast out. Not many similar incidents have been reported.

Although it is an excellent fit for a novice, experimented users are likely to find issues with it.

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3. South Bend 228515-SSI Crystal River Fly Combo


3-crystal-river-flyEasily the best cheap fly fishing combo, this product includes an 8-foot 3-piece fly fishing rod that enables you to enjoy the sport as designed. The 6/7 weight rod lets you load the rod more while helping you fling heftier flies.

The emerald green E-glass blank provides a thicker, heavier configuration that ensures you won’t loose too many fish and also provides an optimal degree of sensitivity so you won’t feel like you’re fishing blindly.

The EVA foam grip supports the cheaper-is-better concept for this rod’s design. It also ensures greater durability compared to cork handles. When mistreated, the grip won’t easily get dented, chipped or damaged compared to a cork handle. Thus, holding the rod in a beach spike or rod holder for extended periods will not affect the integrity of the tool. The EVA foam also ensures easy cleaning so you can scrub it using detergent to eliminate collected grime, slime, fish oil and protein, for easy maintenance.

The supplied graphite reel seat ensures a lightweight design. The stainless steel hood on the reel seat delivers a nice unaltered look. The aluminum oxide stripper guide effectively prevents friction build up, which results in less likelihood of line breakage due to generated heat. The right-hand retrieve reel is perfect for most anglers. The built-in hook keeper simplifies securing of your lures while protecting the cork handle and guides from damage.


This model is made of high-quality materials, and it is said to pass the test of time easily. This kit includes a versatile 8-foot 3-piece fly fishing rod.

Additionally, the item comes provided with EVA foam grip supports that enable the utilizer to hold the rod in a special holder without damaging it.

Given the materials that were used to make it, this device is effortless to maintain clean in between uses.

This choice has a graphite reel seat. Because of it, the model is quite light in weight when compared to other similar devices.


One owner was unhappy that this reel is quite loud. However, he agreed that this kit gets the job done and, thus, it is worth the investment.

It has been said that the flies included in the deal are not very useful for trout fishing due to their size. Still, their dimensions make them easy to see.

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4. Complete Match Fishing Outfit Kit Starter Set up Beginners


4-wild-water-fly-7-rodNothing beats a Wild Water combo package and the Wild Water 3/ 4 Starter Package is certainly no exception. The kit comes with the popular AX34-070-4 Series, 4-piece 7-foot fly rod for versatility. The center disc drag on the smooth and large diecast aluminum arbor reel ensures smooth retrieves.

The reel itself includes preloaded backing for guaranteed durability. The weight-forward, 3-weight floating fly line allows natural presentation of your lures without cutting down on the performance of the 5X 7.5-foot tapered leader to ensure reliable sensitivity. The rod sock and rod case protect the pole during transport while providing effortless storage. The fly box contains a spare leader and 9 flies so you can easily get started on your fishing adventure the minute you get the package.

The rod is geared for 3 or 4 weight line that lets you use it for catching bluegills, sunfish, small bass and small trout. Use it when fishing in the local pond or gunning for the season’s trophy catch in fishing locations where a lengthier 9-foot rod is useless.

This kit is perfect for the beginner and is still sophisticated enough for the seasoned fisher to use. The dark gray rod blank complements the Western grip nicely, giving you a tool you can truly be proud of.


This kit includes a 4-piece 7-foot fly rod that is highly versatile and a 3-weight floating fly line that is spoken highly of.

According to the experts, this rod is best used for catching sunfish, small bass or small trout.

Although this kit is quite basic, it includes practical accessories and useful pieces of gear. Because of this, the model is also a good fit for seasoned anglers.

The rod included in the deal is covered by a one-year warranty policy that you are prone to appreciate.


Some users claimed that although the actual rod and the flies provided by the seller are good, the incorporated reel does not perform as expected.

This choice is considered a great investment for a beginner. However, if you are interested in high-quality gear that can last for years to come, this might not be the unit for you.

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5. Sougayilang Saltwater Freshwater Fly Fishing Combo


5-sougayilang-saltwaterThe Sougayilang Combo Kit includes a reliable medium heavy (MH) fishing pole that delivers great functionality and balanced performance no matter your skill level.

The fishing rod is a medium fast action fly fishing pole that delivers smooth, progressive action to ensure a fantastic blend of versatility and performance, characterized by its deeper flex into the blank compared to a regular fast-action rod. The action level enables you to transition comfortably and quickly with your fishing technique according to the specific fishing conditions such as when you have to nymph for dry flies. The rod is designed to still punch tight coils in the wind while ensuring less likelihood of losing the fish during a prolonged battle by providing a protective level of flex. The supplied fishing pole conveniently disassembles into four sections, which facilitates hassle-free assembly and disassembly as well as comfortable carrying and storage.

The fishing reel supports the use of 5/ 6 weight fishing line for reliable flexibility as you need only set the drag at just half pound or less, a singular level that rarely entails doing any changes while fishing. This ensures that skittish fish do not get spooked by your movements and adjustments on the rod and reel so you can land your target.


This kit incorporates a medium heavy fishing pole that can supply you with the needed balance, no matter your skill level.

As a plus, this model features an 8.85ft., 4-section fishing rod and a 5/6wt fly fishing reel that is particularly light in weight.

This choice has a medium-fast action range, and it can deliver a smooth and progressive action. Besides, the unit is both flexible and convenient.

Lastly, the model can be used with 5/6 weight fishing line, and it can be regarded as a great gift for a beginner angler.


Some owners were not particularly happy with the overall quality of the product. In fact, one buyer claimed that the model is made of cheap materials.

Another user was not impressed with the quality of the line included in the price. Yet, he noted that, given its performance, the model is worth the investment.

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Buying guide


Allowing the fly line to be cast with accuracy and power, a fly fishing rod also delivers line control and functionality for striking and landing fish. A fly fishing rod is one of those things that doesn’t come with a one-size-fits-all configuration, as what works for one angler may not be what another angler needs. These are the components to look at when on the hunt for the best cheap fly fishing rod and reel combos in 2023.



Is suitable for the type of fishing you want to do

More often than not, it is not enough that you know the most popular brands featured in the many fly fishing combo reviews to be able to bag what is best for your needs. The more important thing to consider in this aspect is what purpose the fly fishing rod will serve for the user. Making the season’s trophy catch is an objective shared by all fly fishers, but for those just starting out on the sport, the real question is which model or brand is the best for a specific type of fishing. While a freshwater fly rod will do poorly in saltwater fishing, you will also need a different type of fishing pole when angling for trout, which is also not the same as a rod for catching small panfish or large bass.

This makes it imperative that you determine what fish species you will regularly be aiming to capture. This enables you to purchase a good type of fishing rod to use in specific locations that host your own favorite fish species.


Is made of premium quality materials to suit your needs and budget

With the continued advancement in fly rod technology, manufacturers try to outdo each other in the innovative use of materials for their various products, with each material type having its own advantages. Graphite easily gained popularity during its introduction as fly fishing rod material during the early 1970s. Graphite rods are recognized for their lightweight design, remarkable durability and strength. Their extreme sensitivity helps the angler become attuned to the behavior of fish in the water, enabling the fisher to react quickly. Because of its established strength, a graphite rod that is included in cheap fly rod combos offers remarkable durability. Manufacturers have continued to improve on their graphite rods, with some of the highest rated poles on the market boasting graphite construction.

Taking the cue from carbon fiber or graphite poles, nano-silica resin fishing rods have an infinite number of nano-silica particles infused into the filler resin in the gaps found between carbon fiber cross sections, thus making the resin an integral component of the pole and not just something to fill the fabric gaps. This ensures greater strength and power.

Originally engineered for aerospace design, boron has been used in fly fishing rod manufacture, being added to the already strong graphite construction. This results in a more lightweight, sensitive and stronger fishing pole. Fiberglass has long been used as fishing pole material before graphite poles slowly edged them out. That being said, fiberglass rods have enjoyed a powerful comeback in the fly fishing sector. Fiberglass rods allow the execution of a slower casting stroke while accommodating tight space fishing because of their ability to load much less line out compared to their graphite counterparts.

Bamboo rods feature a traditional fishing pole material, holding their own in this particular niche. Offering a relatively faster recovery action compared to fiberglass, bamboo rods are still slower compared to carbon fiber ones. While being generally heavier than either fiberglass or graphite poles, bamboo fishing rods, when well made, ensure a fantastic casting experience.

In terms of grip, fishing rods can come with ultrafine and cigar structures that have a characteristic down taper. A half-well grip finds application in mid-length and midweight rods. Reverse half wells and full wells are used in midweight to heavyweight poles. Look for models with a fighting butt under the reel seat. This component helps ease arm fatigue when the fish puts up a long fight.


Comes with the optimal length, flex and action for your needs

Typically longer than standard fishing poles, fly fishing rods do vary in length. For use in small creeks with numerous obstacles, 6 to 8-foot rods are ideal. For larger bodies of water, an 8 to 10-foot rod, which also works nicely in nymphing areas with complex current patterns, is perfect for executing long distance casts. Spey or switch rods typically have a length greater than 10 feet.

Flex denotes the depth of bend during casting. You can select from full-flex, mid-flex and tip-flex models. The action of a fly rod refers to the quickness of loading and unloading of the pole or how the rod casts with the line. Fast action rods allow fast loading and unloading while slow actions ones do them slowly. Your casting stroke and the conditions and environment you’re fishing influence the choice of action and flex for your rod. A fast action pole offers further distance casting along with powering lines and flies through tough winds. If you need to present the lure delicately to easily spooked fish, go for a slow-action rod.



Unavailable products


Plusinno Greys


2-plusinno-lightweightDesigned to be a fishing combo package, the PLUSINNO Greys offers bang for the buck. The Greys fly rod has a four-piece construction that facilitates effortless assembly and disassembly, storage and transport.

Greater fiber density is ensured by the high-compression molding, which also contributes to reduced weight along with unparallelled durability. The rod delivers focused energy transfer that provides better connectivity to the fish without exerting a lot of effort on your part. The scrim-layered graphite construction contributes to a streamlined, lightweight configuration of the rod while still ensuring cross-sectional performance and durability along with a smooth feel.

The cork handle is light and is able to retain heat during colder temperatures, making it warm to the touch even on particularly cold days. The anodized reel seat is strengthened against the effects of saltwater, so you are confident of reliable corrosion resistance. The 8-foot rod provides enough reach and has a line weight of 5/ 6 for dependably versatile use.

Its four-piece construction enables the rod to have a breakdown length of just 27 inches, making the unit very easy to pack down and carry anywhere. The reel features a diecast extra-large arbor spool design and high-quality aluminum construction for remarkable performance out in the water.



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