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Top Cheap Surf Fishing Combos Reviewed in 2023

Last Updated: 23.09.23

Best Affordable Surf Fishing Combos. Comparison & Buying Guide


If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best surf fishing rod and reel for the money. We have done extensive research and product comparison and after analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional fishermen, we have concluded that the Okuma Tundra Combo is the best because of its solid construction using the highest quality materials, making it the perfect choice for anglers who want a rod that lasts many fishing seasons. Tested and proven to be reliable and powerful, this model has been used by professional anglers all over the world, proof of its dependably consistent performance. The multi-disc oiled felt drag system delivers smooth and effortless retrieves every time. If the Okuma Tundra Combo is unavailable, you should consider the Penn Pursuit II 8000 as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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5 Best Affordable Surf Fishing Combos (Reviews) in 2023


1. Okuma TU-1002-80 Tundra Spin Combo


Manufactured using the highest quality materials, the Okuma Tundra Combo delivers the best performance among the most popular surf fishing rod and reel combos.

The top quality materials that go into every component in the set ensure lasting use thanks to their reliable toughness and seamless construction. Tested for reliability and quality, the combo elements deliver bang for the buck with their strong and consistent performance under the most rigid conditions of surf fishing. Used by professionals worldwide, this combo set comes with a reel boasting a state-of-the-art multi-disc oiled felt drag system, which reels the fish in fluidly once it is properly hooked.

Execute faultless and smooth retrieves so you can confidently land your prize quickly and using less effort than you would using a more inferior rod and reel combo. This stellar setup comprises a rod with durable glass fiber rod blank construction, which is lightweight, easy to control, super sensitive and strong.

Friction between the line and the rod is effectively prevented thanks to the ceramic footed guide inserts that ensure smooth line flow and minimal heat generated especially when the fish puts up a huge struggle to avoid getting landed. The comfortable EVA foam fore and rear grips deliver easy handling and maintenance as they keep your hand from slipping during wet conditions.


Crafted from high-quality materials, this fishing rod has undergone testing to ensure its reliability and toughness.

There is so much to love about the multi-disc oiled felt drag system. It delivers strong casts and easy control on retrieves. It also ensures smooth retrieves and line release.

You can depend on the tough glass fiber construction of the rod blank when it comes to sensitivity. You can feel the most tentative nibbles on the lure thanks to this component.

Keeping the line free from knots and from friction due to constant rubbing against the rod is easy. The ceramic guide inserts keep the line flat on the rod and effectively prevent abrasion.

Holding the handle for extended periods of time is effortless because of the EVA foam fore grips and rear grips. The components also make the handle easy to clean off of protein, fish oil, and slime.


Make sure to rinse off the reel after every use. This will ensure longevity.

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2. Penn Pursuit II Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel


The Penn Pursuit II 8000 spinning combo is engineered for surf, boat and inshore fishing, helping you land that elusive species to make the perfect trophy catch of the season.

The included Pursuit spinning reel combines nicely with the very capable graphite composite rod for an impressively pocket-friendly setup. Subdue the fish quickly and efficiently by focusing your retrieval skills while aided by the super lightweight reel that features an exceptional oiled-felt drag system so the line flows smoothly out and is easily retrieved with the proper cranking technique. Delivering the best value for the dollar, this Pursuit setup is popular among fishing professionals all over the globe for saltwater angling.

Made using nothing less than premium quality components, this set has been subjected to testing to ensure dependable quality and durability. The graphite composite blank delivers the exact level of sensitivity needed for you to know immediately when the fish are biting. The lightweight graphite material effectively transmits vibrations due to the tentative nibbling of the fish at the end of the line in the water, enabling you to execute play that will surely set the hook properly for landing the fish quickly and securely.

The graphite reel seat provides a safe and strong attachment mechanism for the reel. The EVA grip is resilient against chipping, cracking and corrosion while being easy to clean of fish oils, protein and grime accumulated with frequent water immersion as well as the fishing environment itself. Tested to stay tough, the EVA foam grips ensure long term use.


Buyers who have tried this rod-and-reel combo are impressed by its performance in fighting fish, even considering its budget-friendly price.

You can obtain reasonable levels of drag pressure from the oiled felt drag system. This element does not compromise on smooth retrieves either so reeling the catch in is less effortful.

Despite being a budget-friendly rod-and-reel combo, this option offers genuine value for the cash you shell out. The reel is durable. It boasts a rugged build with the graphite body, graphite rotor, and aluminum side plate.

Users also love the ultra-sensitive, lightweight rod that boasts a graphite composite build. You can really feel those tentative nibbles the fish make on the bait.

Because of how the stainless steel guides keep the fishing line smooth and flat along the length of the rod, there’s no need to worry about the line suddenly snapping.


One common complaint among buyers is how the tip arrived broken in the package.

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3. Supertrip Fishing Pole and Reel Combos Portable


Boasting an innovative portable closed length design, the Supertrip fishing stick and reel combo enables easy and convenient carrying around. The fishing pole is constructed with carbon fiber and alloy, which ensures a solid, strong and durable build that lasts for numerous fishing seasons. The included pad provides ergonomic holding while preventing hand fatigue even during long days of casting.

An excellent gift for fishing adventurers and enthusiasts, this impressive rod and reel combo boasts solid and durable support from both sides, which ensures steady operations every time to make it easy to land the big fish.

The hardy reel boasts an extra rigid fluted disc and steel rack bar transmission configuration that enables the component to work flawlessly so you can raise the fish easily and fluidly out of the water and into your bucket. With thorough toughening of all integral parts in the set, you are assured of dependable performance in and out of the water.

Even those products that only adhere to industry standards are outclassed by this remarkable combo package. The fishing line is kept smooth and untangled along the entire length of the rod because of the amazing line guides that keep the fishing line flat on the rod without causing friction or abrasion that can result in line breakage due to heat generated during a fierce fight with the fish.


An ideal gift for fishing gear collectors and anglers, this fishing rod is made strong and durable. It comes with a carbon fiber and alloy construction that provides strength and elasticity.

Carrying the rod is not a heavy burden because of the portable closed-length design. The rod retracts into a small and compact unit that is easy to store and travel with.

You can choose to have it in the exact length you want because of the retractable design. This will allow angling in situations where a full-sized rod might not be a viable option.

Suitable for fishing on the rocks, reef, and from the shore, this tool comes with an innovative pad that enables effortless handling and prevents hand fatigue as well.

The rigid fluted disc and steel rack bar transmission system provide a smooth functionality to help you land the fish easily.


The reel attachment system seems to be loose on the rod, according to a customer.

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4. Shakespeare Catch More Fish Surf/Pier


The Shakespeare Catch More Fish comprises a premium quality spinning rod and reel that work well in unison to ensure that you land your target in the quickest and most efficient way.

The 7-foot rod offers medium power, which makes it a highly versatile component for boat, inshore and surf fishing. The preloaded spool turns smoothly to release more line as needed, so you can easily outmatch the stamina of fiercely fighting trophy catches. The tubular glass rod offers a larger diameter for a thicker body that gives you greater handling capacity.

The fiberglass construction ensures less likelihood of losing the catch while delivering just the right level of sensitivity so you know precisely when the fish starts biting, which allows you to observe proper landing techniques according to the situation.

The stainless steel guides are resistant to corrosion, very important considering the intense environment you’ll be fishing in. The ceramic inserts provide a tangle-free, smooth line flow while delivering impressive line protection against heat and abrasion, which can cause fish loss and line breakage. The EVA split grip provides a balanced feel while increasing sensitivity and being resistant to cracking and chipping. The 50 size spinning reel comes with a chrome-plated spool preloaded with premium fishing line for smooth cranking every time.


Suitable for spin fishing, this angling tool is seven feet long and offers Medium power. It enables you to use it for a variety of fishing targets.

Because it ships as a complete kit, this option includes all you need for a satisfying day of fishing. You get a tough fishing rod and a spinning reel pre-spooled with fishing line.

The tubular glass rod offers the right level of sensitivity so you can feel the timid nibbles of the fish on the lure at the end of the line.

Ensuring the line stays smooth, knot-free, and in one piece, the stainless steel guides feature ceramic inserts that keep a hassle-free line flow.

In addition, you also receive Gulp saltwater shrimp and peeler crabs to sweeten the deal even more. Take this product and go fishing immediately upon delivery.


Some customers complained that the unit gets to them in a broken condition, which could be due to the shipping process.

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5. Sea Striker PT50/SS80PG Surf Spinning Combo


The Sea Striker PT50/SS80PG comes with the basic tools you need to get started on a successful surf fishing adventure. Offering value for money, this package includes an 8-foot two-piece rod that allows easy storage and carrying while ensuring easy assembly and disassembly. The ball bearing system of the reel component delivers smooth and tangle-free line retrieval, so you can draw the catch in effortlessly without losing it or getting the fishing line broken.

The computer-balanced rotor turns smoothly and easily so you can enjoy fast and hassle-free retrieves. The rod and reel both support 10-25 pound test line.

The reel offers a gear ratio of 5.2:1, which means that for every single revolution of the crank, the line advances on the spool 5.2 times. This gear ratio supports crankbaiting, helping you get your bait to the maximum depth for it while ensuring adequate feel so you instinctively know what goes on with your lure.

The reel handles three different line caps: 250 yards for 12 pound test line; 225 yards for 15 pound test line; 175 yards for 20 pound test line. This provides versatility in your line choices. Everything in the set complements all the other components for smooth and enjoyable fishing adventures every time.


An 8-foot rod that accommodates a line weight of 10 to 25-pound test line, this option comes with a two-piece construction. This allows easy carrying, storage, and transport during travel.

Thanks to the computer-balanced rotor on the supplied reel, the fishing line flows smoothly out and gets easily released with every crank of the handle.

Smooth retrieves and flawless casting are delivered via the efficient ball bearing system of the spool in the fishing reel.

Releasing the line from the reel is easy because of the impressive 5.2:1 gear ratio. With every single turn of the reel handle, you obtain 5.2 rotations of the spool so the line is released fast. This means you can give the fish a real fight when needed.

You can use the setup for crankbait fishing. It provides optimal sensitivity that helps you keep aware what is happening to your lure in the water.


This fishing rig should only be used with the recommended components and fishing technique to avoid getting it broken due to improper usage.

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Buying guide


There’s nothing like wading in the surf, not to catch a rogue wave, but to see what trophy catches you can make using a top quality surf fishing pole and reel. Surf fishing promises fantastic rewards once you have mastered the proper form and techniques for it. Now what distinguishes the best surf fishing rod and reel combo from a setup that just won’t deliver the goods?


Supports the proper setup for surf fishing

A quality surf fishing combo rod and reel setup can be one of several types. It can be a spinning rod and reel package, which employs a fixed spool spinning reel mounted below the spinning rod. Anglers are assured of tangle-free casting of the line with this type of outfit. The wider guides on a spinning rod hold the large loops of the fishing line from the spool during the cast. When anglers work lures including high-speed plugs and top water poppers, they prefer spinning reels that are also capable of casting lighter saltwater lures and baits compared to standard reels. Surf fishing with a spinning reel requires that you hold the rod and reel in your dominant hand then crank the handle using your other hand. Fortunately, majority of spinning reels have ambidextrous handles. Wind knots can be generated in spinning reels; those are loops formed in the line when it gets twisted or is retrieved without pressure. Adding a tiny swivel between the leader and the line resolves this issue.

You can also go for saltwater jigging rods and reels. Surf fishing using metal jigs is an age-old technique but with the creation of rubber and vertical jigs, this technique is sure not to easily fade away into the sunset. With vertical jigging, a high-speed rod and reel is utilized for high-speed retrieval of the streamlined metal lure. Rubber jigs, however, are geared to slowly bounce and hover off the bottom. This type of technique requires special tackle for either very slow or fast lure working. You want a medium fast spinning or casting rod characterized by a whippy tip for fast vertical jig retrieval.

For this purpose, the support of a high-speed reel is required, with a retrieve ratio of 6:1, but higher is even better to ensure capability to handle countless yards of braided fishing line.

Rubber jigs are engineered for hovering over the target while moving slowly. A rubber jig needs an 8-foot light action fishing pole that enables the fish to bite its way to the hook with very minimal resistance. For this objective to be achieved, you want the reel to offer a slow retrieve ratio less than 5:1 to adequately deliver the needed pressure for efficient hook setting. Look for cheap surf fishing rod and reel setups that support a braided line using a super sensitive rod that lets you feel even the tiniest nibble of the fish on the hook.

You can also look at saltwater baitcasting rod and reel packages. Baitcasting reels have higher line capacity while being able to cast longer distances and creating smoother drag compared to spinning reels. That being said, a baitcasting reel will require more effort and energy to cast. To work lighter lures and baits, you want a closed face reel and line guide.

As an enhanced version of the baitcasting rod and reel, saltwater trolling setups feature a revolving spool reel mounted atop the rod. The reel employs a lever drag system and not a star drag. This will enable you to set to maximum drag and adjust the pressure level using a lever found on the side of your trolling reel.


Has the proper rod length for the activity

A lot of the cheap surf fishing combos on the market come with a fiberglass or graphite rod. Recognized for their greater sensitivity and rigidity, graphite rods are less powerful and less tough than fiberglass models. You want a length between 9 and 14 feet, so there’s pretty much an entire range of lengths to work with. It is essential to think about your personal skill level and physical capacity when considering this factor. Fishers who have limited range of motion or have lower heights ought to use shorter fishing poles for comfort and convenience. Casting distance, however, has something to do with surf rod length. After all, the primary objective is for a more natural lure or bait presentation past the water’s high waves. Look for the longest rod you can find for your height and physical capability. On the average, surf fishers prefer between 10 and 12 feet of rod length.


Features a rod with sufficient power and action levels

When mulling over which product to buy among those in the best surf fishing combo reviews, compare the power of the rods featured there. Power refers to the rod’s actual capacity for lifting and this ranges between light and heavy. The most widely used and popular power level is medium heavy, which is smack in the middle of the range. This power level offers the most versatile option above the rest. Do make sure to choose compatible line; heavy power models work better with heavy line because of the high risk of line breakage and fish loss when overly light line is used.

The degree of bend the rod exhibits under pressure and how quickly it goes back to the neutral position is called the rod action. Fast action models bend at the third segment of their length, or the section approaching the tip. Medium action rods bend from the center while slow action rods flex through the entire length. If you want further casting distance, consider fast tip action rods, which are suitable for surf fishing lures and single-hook rigs. Treble hooks are best used with slow action to medium action rods.

The market is crowded with plenty of brands and models of surf fishing rod and reel combos. While this can unduly complicate your buying decision, you can simply refer to the informative buying guide above to facilitate your shopping process. We have also featured the best products above for even more shopping assistance.




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