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Fishing Apps You Should Consider

Last Updated: 24.06.24


In case you’ve recently purchased a good fish finder, it means that you are probably getting ready for new outdoor adventures, so choosing a fishing app may be the next thing on your list. If that’s the case, then you should know that there are many options out of which you can pick. Some of them are free, while others come with premium versions as well. 

The great part about these apps is that they include plenty of features specially developed to help users out, so they are becoming increasingly more important for anglers. You no longer have to rely on weather reports when you are planning a trip, which is always a good thing. We all know how convenient it can be to have all the necessary information within our smartphones. 

Before we go into more detail about some of the top fishing apps available on the market, it’s important to mention that they are designed to enhance the user’s overall experience, but they can also ensure added safety. If you are not sure whether you should go out for a fishing day or not, the app can provide a lot of information to help you decide what the right choice is. 

With this being said, let’s see what some of the top fishing apps are, and keep in mind that most of them are compatible with both iOS and Android systems, but you should still make sure that your device is compatible with the one you choose. 


Millions of anglers have chosen to use Fishbrain, which says a lot about the app’s efficiency. One of the reasons for which it’s such a popular alternative is the fact that users can share details about their activity, thus rendering the app extremely useful in obtaining real-time information. 

Whether you need to have more details on maps, the weather, or you simply want to keep a fishing diary and connect with other anglers, Fishbrain is the way to do it. The app is very useful if you want to explore new fishing locations as well, and given that other users share their experiences, you won’t be taken by surprise in a negative way when trying out a new fishing spot. 

Fishbrain includes multiple features, such as a calendar and a forecast one, so you can easily determine the right time to go fishing. Moreover, the app also covers a wide range of fish species, so you can get to know a lot more about the type of fish you are after. 

In case you are still rather new to fishing, you’ll surely enjoy all the pro tips included on things such as choosing the right bait or hook, tides, and the gear that you need. Therefore, if you are looking for a complete way to enhance your next fishing trip, Fishbrain is definitely a good choice. 



Those of you who are looking for a premium-quality app specially designed for anglers should check out everything that Fishidy has to offer. Powered by the well-known Fishing Hot Spots, this app comes with pretty much everything necessary for a great fishing experience, such as maps, pro tips, and a community that provides a great source of information. 

With over one million users, this fishing app is among the top choices, and one of the reasons many anglers choose it is for the reliable and comprehensive fishing maps it comes with. Those who are still discovering everything that fishing has to offer are going to be happy about the fishing techniques and tips provided by the app, that are specially designed to step up the user’s game. 

You can take a look at what the fishing hotspots are, but you can also see which types of bait should be used and where depending on your location and on the type of fish you are planning to catch. Furthermore, the app allows you to track successful patterns, so you can use these details later, just as you need to. 

Another aspect that’s very important and can definitely make a difference in your fishing day is the fact that you can use the app to connect with other anglers who are nearby, thus obtaining real-time details on fishing conditions. Of course, the app’s features also add to your overall safety while you are out fishing, given that you can use it in case you need any kind of assistance. 



FishAngler is one of the most popular alternatives apps in this category, due to the fact that it’s completely free, while also offering a lot of features and benefits. Of course, this means that millions of anglers choose it, thus making it a reliable partner for those who want to enjoy great fishing trips.

Once you install FishAngler on your smartphone, you’ll get access to real-time fishing information and forecast, as well as to nearby catches and hotspots. The app also features detailed GPS maps that include millions of data points. The result is that you won’t be lost trying to find the right fishing spot, even if you are in the mood to explore new ones. 

Another great thing about FishAngler is the fact that it also comes with information on fish species, as well as with pro tips on how to make your fishing adventure as effective as possible. Details such as waves, tide, wind, or water temperature are included in 7-day forecasts, as well as in real-time format. What’s making this app even more effective is the fact that you can easily connect with other anglers to discuss various details and get tips on which location is better on a certain day. 

If you are still getting the hang of fishing, you will surely enjoy using these features that are also designed to help you enhance your skills. Plus, the community newsfeed can be easily filtered, so you will only get details about those topics that are important to you. Some of these filters include activity by fish species, anglers, bodies of water, and many others. 


If you know a little bit about marine charts, then you most probably have heard about Navionics as well. The brand developed an app as well that comes with great features specially designed for anglers, so it’s definitely worth taking a closer look at it. You should know that this is not a completely free app, as for some of the features you need to get a subscription. 

However, it does offer a wide range of benefits, including plenty of charts that you can use for cruising, fishing, diving, or other of the water activities that you might enjoy. Moreover, if you get the subscription as well, you’ll get access to sonar and nautical charts, community information, and you will be able to use the app at its full potential offline. 

The Navionics app allows you to use it as a GPS and guidance system as well, given that you can introduce real start and end points, and it then calculates the recommended route, along with fuel consumption and ETA. The more advanced features include customizable chart views in which you can highlight particular areas. 

It’s also good to know that the app is compatible with both Android and iOS systems, so this is not going to be an issue, no matter the type of smartphone or device you are planning to use. 


Fishing Knots

Last but certainly not least, you can also take a look at Fishing Knots, given that this app comes with some very useful tips and tricks on tying the right knot. It can be particularly useful if you are still learning about fishing, but even seasoned anglers can benefit from the information offered in order to enhance their skills. 

You can learn more about tying the most popular fishing knots, and given that you can have this information on your smartphone, it means that you will be ready to catch the fish you want at any given point. Of course, you can look up some of this information online as well, but having it all on the go means that you can enjoy a lot more freedom and versatility while you are out on the water. 

The app comes with both text and images, so you’ll get clear instructions on how to tie the right knot. On the other hand, the details for some of the knots may have to be purchased through the app.  



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