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Garmin Etrex 10 Review

Last Updated: 23.09.23


Main advantage

The Garmin eTrex 10 is a great choice for anyone looking for an outdoor adventure that also needs a bit of guidance throughout the process. This sturdy and compact model is an ideal choice for beginners, given that it’s a handheld model that has waterproof capability. 

It’s also highly durable and easy to use, which will make your life a lot easier when you explore the great outdoors. The unit comes with a preloaded world map that you can use to select traveling points, making it a valuable asset to any person looking to explore the world.  

Thanks to this feature, users can mark waypoints, create routes, and select certain interest points on every specially-made route. If you want to make sure you find your way back home, this is one great GPS device to have around when you are on the go.

The small size and compact structure make it highly portable, while the user-friendly operating system offers first time users and beginners a valuable and comfortable overall travel experience. 

The fact that this model is waterproof comes as a great plus, especially if you enjoy traveling a lot and you never know when it is going to rain, or, even worse, when you need to cross a creek. 


Main disadvantage

One of the disadvantages this model comes with is that, although it has a 20-hour battery life with just two AA batteries, in case of longer trips, you need to make sure you always have extra batteries within reach. This is important to avoid unwanted situations, such as running out of power just when you need it the most. 

For this reason, this model is mostly ideal for short-term trips. Also, since the unit is quite small and compact, the display size has a 2.2” diagonal, thus our senior loved ones may find it difficult to follow the maps and waypoints shown on the display. Plus, this part of the GPS is monochrome, meaning it does not show colored maps that might stand out due to the different coloring of the route as the landscape changes. 

Another drawback of the monocolored display is that it may be very difficult for some users to read the information on it in direct sunlight as compared to other colored displays that, from this point of view, are more user-friendly. Using this GPS device during the nighttime does not necessarily make it easier for the user to read the information shown on the display either. 

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Main features explained


Waterproof casing

The waterproof casing this model features comes as a great plus to those of us who choose to use it on different types of terrain and in various weather conditions. Accidents may occur at any given time during a trip, especially during a hiking one, therefore this feature may very well be the one that saves the day at some point. 

Even when the weather seems to be good, things can always take an unexpected turn, and this GPS device comes as a great asset when you are looking for the fastest or shortest route out of a certain area. Moreover, being waterproof makes this model a safe-to-use one even when you do not realize just how humid the air is, such as through thick fog or a very humid forest, that could damage other types of devices.

The sturdy construction together with the waterproof casing this device features means you can safely use it for other types of outdoor adventures, such as boat riding, or other water adventures. 

In these situations, both you and your device are prone to accidents that involve falling into water, even if you are not using it at that given time but you are simply carrying in your pocket. 


Paperless geocaching

This feature allows you to store in-depth information about caches. These are important details, such as location, the different terrain types found there, or hints and descriptions that may come in handy for future planning of new trips and outdoor adventures. This is something you can refer back to at a later time, to help you and your family better plan your trip.

Another important characteristic you can use is the paperless geocaching feature that stores information concerning terrain difficulty, so that next time you want to visit a certain area, or someone else plans a trip there, you will be fully informed about what plans you need to make and the gear to need to use to make your trip a total success.

The fact that all this information is stored in a paperless manner comes as great plus both for environmental purposes and for space-saving ones. You can access the details you need in a matter of seconds, without having to go and search a pile of papers to get the necessary information. The USB cable the device comes with only makes life easier when accessing all of this data.


Preloaded worldwide maps

This feature comes as a great plus when you find yourself unsure of your whereabouts in the middle of your hiking trip, and not only then. The fact that maps of most areas in the world are preloaded onto your GPS device, and given the great accuracy of this unit’s location system, it becomes quite hard to get completely lost in the middle of nowhere. 

This device can lock up to more than 24 satellites worldwide, as it uses both GPS and GLONASS technology. GLONASS is a tracking system developed by the Russian Federation, which means that the unit can use both American and Russian satellites to increase the speed and accuracy of locating a point by more than 20% than using just the American GPS satellites.

With this in mind, you can go virtually anywhere in the world, use this model, and you will know exactly where you are and how to get to the next point of your trip. Moreover, you can add waypoints as you go along the preset track, and add interest points to your trip. Using a GPS device like this one only makes outdoor adventures all that safer and much more exciting.

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