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How Important Is It to Have a Fishing Buddy?

Last Updated: 23.09.23


For most people, going fishing represents the perfect opportunity to spend some time alone, relaxing, and unwinding from the daily routine so, if you’re part of the category, you can find more info here about the best accessories to bring with you on your next fishing trip. Others, on the contrary, cannot stand the silence for too long and need their best friend or someone close to them to share the exciting moment of catching the big fish. Here are the main reasons to have a fishing buddy, even if you consider yourself a lone wolf. 


Someone to help you with the tools 

Fishing tools and equipment are not only large but also heavy, so why not have someone to help you out so you can make the most out of your fishing trip? Assembling some of the rods and reels might also be difficult, especially if you’re in a hurry to find the perfect fishing spot. 

Ask someone with experience to guide you through the process or at least help you. You may learn new things or share your knowledge with someone less experienced, and improve their fishing skills. Either way, it’s a good compromise for both of you. 


Someone to share your thoughts or silence with

Some people enjoy the silence and the quiet time they get to spend while waiting for the fish to bite. Others, on the contrary, might see the experience as the perfect opportunity to bond with their children, significant other, family members, or friends. 

No matter what type of person you are, having someone to share the magical sunrise moment with while you’re already on the boat is priceless. Talking or waiting in complete silence is up to you and your partner, but a fishing experience is always better when you have someone to share it with. 


Someone to help with the logistics

If boat fishing is your thing, you’ll need someone to help you get the boat ready and running. Mounting all your fishing gear on the boat while not forgetting the essentials seems like a complicated and time-consuming quest. Why not ask for help and get everything done faster?

This way, you’ll have more time to spend on the boat, find the perfect fishing spot, and even catch the big fish. 


Someone to be in charge of all the supplies

Planning a solo fishing trip can take you days, especially since you have to remember about a million small things, not just your baits, rods, and reels. 

Apart from these accessories, you’ll also have to consider the rest of your fishing gear, your permit, your wallet, keys, phone, phone charger, other fishing tools and accessories, snacks, water, maybe a change of clothes in case the weather gets colder, as well as other items. 

A fishing buddy can help you cut the preparation time in half by taking some of these responsibilities off your shoulders. Each of you should consider two or three departments in which you need to stock, leaving everything else to the other person. 

This way, you’ll always know what you packed, and you will easily reach all your tools, without wondering whether or not you packed them in the first place. 

That being said, here is how to spot the right person to tag along in your next fishing trip. 


Whom should you bring? 

Someone reliable

Whether or not they share the same enthusiasm when it comes to fishing, the person who will accompany you on your next trip should, first of all, be reliable. This means that you should be able to trust them with your equipment, supplies, and even life, in case anything goes bad. 

In case you prefer shore fishing, that person could mean anything from someone who knows how to untangle strings to someone who can take a good picture with your catch. 

However, being in the wild might also mean dangerous situations like open wounds, twisted ankles, and other types of injuries, so you should choose a person who knows how to handle them correctly. The same goes for you in case the other person suffers an accident and requires medical care. 


Someone who shares your preferences

If the person you plan on bringing with you is also passionate about fishing, you need to make sure your styles are compatible. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean to find someone who uses the same gear or goes into the same waters, but if they’re more of the ones who enjoy opening a beer and waiting for the fish to take the bait while you prefer backpacking to remote locations or finding new fishing spots, chances are your relationship won’t last too long. 

First of all, make sure you both enjoy fishing in the same type of waters. Rivers and lakes are different, so the type of gear used for fishing would be different. While lakes can be both saltwater and freshwater ones, rivers, in their general acceptance, are considered as having freshwater. 

Another aspect worth mentioning is the targeted fish species you plan on fishing. Since some fish can only be found in certain locations, it is advisable for both you and your friend to agree on the fish you will be fishing. 


Someone who doesn’t whine 

Apart from sharing similar interests and being helpful, the person you plan on sharing your fishing trip with should also have a positive attitude toward the experience. Although many things can go wrong, especially if you plan a longer trip, it is important to remain optimistic, and face challenges as they come. 

In other words, you don’t want someone who will constantly complain about how crowded or secluded a fishing spot is, whether or not they get phone reception, taking too long to reach the designated fishing location, taking too many breaks instead of focusing on the fishing, or not having the appropriate clothes. 


Who are the best fishing buddies?

That being said, you might still think about bringing some close members of your family or best friends in your fishing journey. Here is what to consider:



Bringing your child could represent a perfect bonding opportunity but only if the kid is old enough to understand the notions of patience, silence, and staying still for hours. Fishing is not an easy sport for toddlers or young children as they cannot focus on only one thing for more than half an hour. 

Therefore, if you want to teach your child fishing from an early age, you should first do so near your home. Look for rivers, ponds, and lakes that are at a maximum two-hour journey from home and where you can easily return in case of bad weather or if your kid gets bored. 

Keep in mind that children are not fond of waking up early in the morning either, and they cannot go anywhere without at least one change of clothes, snacks, water, and toys to keep them company in case they no longer want to participate. 



Dogs can prove useful companions when it comes to fishing, as long as you teach them how to stand still. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to spend quality time outdoors, breathing fresh air, and following around their favorite human. 

Although they can’t be of too much help when it comes to carrying the fishing gear or setting another rod, dogs can still make wonderful fishing partners. They can spot a good fishing place and will make great conversation partners, in case you don’t easily open up in front of people. 


Your significant other

If your significant other shares the same passions as you, a fishing trip could be the perfect opportunity to bond. They might not know much about the sport or the effort and wait that’s behind the fishing process, but they will learn it from you and appreciate their dinner more. 

Partners can also help you with carrying the gear, taking photos of the catch of the day, or just be there for moral support in case something goes wrong. And, since you’re the angler, partners can also prove useful when it comes to offering you a cold beer, setting up the grill and the table for lunch, or simply holding your hand when you need to. 



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