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Humminbird Helix 7 Review

Last Updated: 23.09.23


Main advantage

One of the many advantages this model comes with is the wide, 16:9 display that is glass-bonded, ultra-bright, and glare-free. This type of display makes it easy for the user to accurately follow the information on it both in bright sunlight and at night time too. Thanks to this user-friendly feature, the unit can be employed by less experienced family members as well.

When you are looking to find the perfect fish of your choice, the display showing the vital information that may lead to it needs to be of the utmost quality. This is one of the characteristics that make this particular model a highly appreciated one. 

While still offering good value for money, the wider, enhanced display this model comes with makes the experience of searching for fish an accurate and comfortable one. The screen this unit comes with also allows you to see the surrounding area from every angle. 

You will surely appreciate that this is a 7” screen with a satisfying 480X800 pixel resolution, providing the end-user with bright and clear images that are very easy to read. The high-quality pictures the device offers are just one of the many reasons this particular model is in high demand.

When you put together clear images with high flexibility, all within a unit that works great even at considerable depths of water, what you get is a reliable scanning and GPS tracking device that allows the more or less experienced users to find the fish of their dreams. 

The device’s capability to work in both saltwater and freshwater alike, while being highly maneuverable even when scanning at a considerable depth, allows the user to get the desired results. The device’s display shows images using a generous range of up to 256 different colors, making this model a great asset for any exploring and fishing experience.


Main disadvantage

Although the Humminbird Helix 7 is a highly appreciated model that comes with considerably more advantages than drawbacks, there is one particular aspect worth mentioning. The device includes only one MicroSD card slot, which means you can use one swap card at any given time, although you may sometimes need more than that for certain cases during a fishing trip.

In the unfortunate situation that the swap card reaches its limit before you are done, you need to stop all activity and change it to a new one, which may come as quite a nuisance, especially if you were getting really close to the desired result in your quest. 

Fishing is an exciting activity that involves a lot of moments that need to be seized, so you need to have as little distraction as possible. You may find yourself in the situation of wanting to have a backup of the significant waypoints of your fishing trip, and this is yet another occasion in which the card slot becomes of utmost importance. 

To do that you need to make sure your device is powered and insert an unlocked SD card into an available slot. So having more than one of these would have come in handy. To take the exporting of waypoints further you need to enter the unit’s main menu and follow the instructions as described in the device’s user manual. 

By doing so, you will be able to refer back to these interesting areas of your trip anytime you plan yet another exciting fishing adventure. The fact that this unit is not designed to connect to any other Humminbird device only comes as a further setback. 

You can only rely on the information you gathered with your own device, given that you are not able to share it with other users by getting the units connected. Furthermore, you cannot immediately retrieve the information saved on your older unit by sending it to the new device.

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Main features explained


It works both in freshwater and saltwater

This is a highly useful feature that allows the user to experience a wide variety of places to explore. Usually, devices that are suitable for use in saltwater conditions need to have a special casing to protect the parts and technology they feature, as saltwater is highly corrosive and will slowly but surely destroy any metal parts of the device. This is what also makes them pricier.

Keeping this in mind, the fact that this model is suitable for use in both types of water, without the risk of having some parts affected by the damaging effects of saltwater is one of the model’s most important features. This enhances the overall experience any angler is looking for when using it. 

Also, anyone using it will be able to explore a wide variety of fish species around the world. When you add this feature to that of being very easy to mount and to the fact that the device shows side and downward images of what is going on underneath the water surface in 3D detail, you get yourself a winner. 


It uses sonar and transducer technology

The sonar and transducer technology this device uses help scan and retrieve information and details about the underwater surfaces and objects, thus creating an overall 3D image of items and creatures moving underneath the water surface. To achieve that, the device uses specific frequencies that send the signal back to the device, thus creating the details users can see.

The transducer comes equipped with a built-in temperature probe that will give accurate indications of the water temperature. The device, however, does not have the capability to store information concerning the water in such a way that would allow it to create any sort of temperature graphs. 

Still, you will be able to tell the water temperature at specific depths. This feature helps the user get valuable information about the living conditions, temperature-wise, that certain marine animal species need to survive and thrive.

The device is built to support all types of sonar technologies, such as Side Imaging and Down Imaging, covering a maximum total area of 480 feet, 240 feet on each side. Moreover, based on the user’s needs, one can choose between three types of beams, such as wide, medium, and narrow, according to the result you want to get, and the type of exploring you’re conducting.


It has an incorporated GPS navigation system

Yet another important and highly useful feature this device comes with is the internal Precision GPS receiver. The excellent accuracy the device provides its user with comes from the WAAS correction technology it uses. This feature is what makes your trip safe from losing both valuable time and effort trying to figure out where you are and which way you must go.

The unit is able to save up to 2500 waypoints on a wide range of up to 45 routes. The fact that you are able to save maps, waypoints, tracks and different routes on this device is what makes it one of the most user-friendly and convenient-to-use units on the market today. No need to mention this Humminbird model makes a great gift to any passionate fisherman.

As a plus, the unit also features a track plotting function that allows the user to save as many as 50 tracks, while keeping a close eye on the speed the boat is sailing at. It is highly advisable to adjust your boat’s speed to the type of water you are fishing in, and to the overall weather conditions, so being able to keep an eye on that really makes a difference. 



The Humminbird brand has a history of over forty years of creating and developing scanning and navigation devices that enhance any angler’s experience out on the water that began in Eufaula, Alabama and spread across the entire world. It all started with a vision, a passion, and a handful of skillful people that had set the goal of creating something new that will make a difference.

Although Humminbird as a brand grew considerably since more than forty years ago, Eufaula is still the home of the brand’s headquarters. This is where you will find the Humminbird’s engineering, technical support, and manufacturing facilities, which only comes as a testimony to the brand’s humble beginnings and right moral values.

It all started in the early seventies, when a man called Tom Mann together with the Allied Sports Company, as investors, began modifying and adjusting Heat Kits into Depth Sounders. As soon as the discovery was made and the first results appeared, the early devices started growing in popularity. As the company kept on growing, it developed new units using innovative technology.

As the brand kept its promise of providing its users with the highest quality products at affordable prices, one can only understand the continuous and steady further development of the Humminbird company and brand, across the world, to many more countries that have established traditions regarding fishing as a sport.  

In case you are wondering what Humminbird stands for, this is one story worth telling. As Tom Mann realized he had discovered something that was about to revolutionize the world of fishing, he wanted to have the name of his new brand already set and established. However, when he went to file for the official registration papers, he misspelled the bird’s name.

When the got the registration papers back, with the name Humminbird written on them, his friends said it was brilliant leaving the “g” out of the word, but he replied he had no idea that that’s how you are supposed to spell the name, as his mom always called them “humminbirds”.

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