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Lowrance Hook 5 Review

Last Updated: 01.04.23


Main advantage

One of the main advantages that this model comes with is the multi-window display that allows you to collect data from more than one screen at a time. The unit comes with extra space on the device so that it offers up to eight different layouts the user can choose from. One of the available options is a three-panel split screen.

What this means is that it basically allows the user to have multiple data screens, all in one, on a high-resolution color data display. As a plus, this enhanced Lowrance model also features a newer menu system that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. With all this new and improved technology, there is little left to the user’s imagination, and lots that shows right on the screen.

The HDI high-resolution screen will accurately show most of the underwater details, providing the fisherman a great experience discovering the underwater world. This unit really makes the difference from a standard device that shows less detailed data and information.

In addition to all that, the HDI (Hybrid Dual Imaging) technology it features offers the option of overlaying the screen display, so that you get the most accurate image of the water depths you are sailing in. This technology combines both DownScan and the CHIRP technology to offer the best possible image of the underwater scene.


Main disadvantage

Although there are more advantages than setbacks with this unit, there are some drawbacks to be mentioned here. A small setback is the short power cord that may come as quite an inconvenience, especially when you need to use the device while being powered in a wider area. However, this is a small setback.

The major drawback is the user’s manual that many of the people that have purchased the unit have complained about. It seems the user’s manual does not come with very explicit and clearly explained step by step procedures regarding most of the device’s operating system. This may come as a major setback, especially since this is quite a complex unit with many functions.

It is highly advisable to watch online tutorials and gather as much detailed information as possible from alternative sources before you start using the unit for the first time, to avoid an unpleasant situation such as only using the basic functions the unit features, or, even worse, to be unable to properly use it when you most need it.  

It is best to be informed, and one step ahead of things, especially when you are dealing with a unit that carries so many highly useful features that need certain steps and procedures to be taken to fully enjoy their benefits. 

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Main features explained



The Lowrance Hook 5 unit comes with a five-inch square display, as opposed to some of the older models. This means more space to show important data, which proves to be very important when you need to follow fine details to get the maximum result you are striving for. Also, this unit’s display has a better resolution, meaning it shows clearer images.

Other fish finder devices show images with a certain level of graininess to them, but this is not the case with this unit. The data will be received in a pleasant and clear manner, so that the information displayed is easy to read and follow, even in the case of more than one person following the data displayed by the unit. The device allows the user to view up to three panels at a time.

Yet another pleasant and useful feature this unit comes with, display-wise, is the 16-bit color TFT range. This feature together with the LED backlight that has eleven possible levels, make this unit’s display an easy to read one, even in direct sunlight, or if it gets water on it, by accident. The unit is waterproof, but you need to be careful using it close to saltwater.


Sonar capabilities

This Lowrance model uses sonar capabilities that are considered to be at an industry-standard, such as DownScan and CHIRP. This type of technology has been used by the U.S. military for many years before becoming accessible to mass-produced devices such as this one. The accuracy this system offers is considerably high and offers a great fishing experience.

The way the CHIRP technology in such a device works is by putting a certain amount of energy into a column of water and measuring the response. The way to put that energy into the water column is by using slow sonar pulses that are being transmitted by the device itself. The effectiveness of this type of technology is the reason the U.S. military used it for so long.

DownScan technology is used to get a clear picture of what is happening underwater. The way to get that is by placing the device directly above the water surface, and the results you will be getting is showing clear images of the area directly below the device, and not the surrounding areas. To get data from the sides of the device, you would need to use the SideScan technology. 


GPS and trackback

The special feature called “trackback” allows the user to go back and preview the fishing hot spots of previous fishing trips, while planning a new and exciting trip. This is only possible due to the conjunction with a built-in GPS that provides maps of more than three thousand water bodies, such as lakes, rivers, and creeks.

The maps can also be personalized and expanded with the help of an online map application, that allows the users to custom design the maps they use for their fishing adventures. Moreover, looking back at your favorite hot spots is easier as the location history also includes the structure, transition, fish targets and pinpointed locations of these interesting places. 

The highly accurate built-in GPS comes as a bonus to this device’s capabilities, as the GPS is very fast in identifying the precise location and the base map it comes with also includes most coastal contours, making it quite exciting to venture out on the coastline knowing there is a very slim chance of getting lost in the process. 

As a plus, the device uses a special built-in technology that filters out any random signals coming from other boats, other similar devices and any unwanted disruptions to provide you with an accurate signal, information and location of the area you are sailing in.

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