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Lowrance Hook 7 Review

Last Updated: 01.04.23


Main advantage

The Hook 7 model from Lowrance comes with many enhanced features as compared to the previous models. While using this unit, the experienced user will be able to tell the difference in terms of image clarity, lack of noise and detailed information regarding the target fish and the underwater activity, as the unit helps the user explore the underwater world to extended depths. 

Keeping all this in mind, the one improved feature that really stands out is the seven-inch display. The generous larger display makes this model highly suitable for a wider range of fish finding activities, as well as a larger range of watercraft. The unit’s display comes with adjustable LED backlights that make it easier to use in direct sunlight.

Yet another very useful feature the unit comes with is the option of gathering information from up to three simultaneous viewing windows that this larger display model will show using clear and sharp images. Also, the colors this unit uses come in a wide array and make it a lot easier for the user to properly identify the details shown by the fish finding unit. 

The advanced sonar scanning technology this device uses allows the user to get a clear picture of the boat’s surroundings, and whether the fish that he or she is striving for is nearby or they should be looking somewhere else for that prize fish. This would not be at all possible without the display’s improved features, especially the two-inch larger size, that really makes a difference.  

This Lowrance model is meant to be an all-in-one electronic device that makes the fishing experience all that more exciting and interesting, at the same time. The many upgraded features really make that happen as this unit became a must-have of any professional fisherman and some beginners too.  


Main disadvantage

The Lowrance Hook 7 device is a reliable fish finder that comes with considerably more advantages than drawbacks. However, there are a few setbacks worth mentioning, among which the lack of clear and detailed step by step guidance regarding some of the operating system’s features stood out from the very beginning this unit was issued.

The main setback this advanced unit comes with is exactly that it is so advanced while the instructions manual is not all that detailed. Most users, especially beginners may find it quite difficult to learn using all its features, and it might them a long time to do so. Many first-time users feel the need to have a more detailed manual available.

For this reason, it is highly advisable to look for online tutorials or other reliable information sources before you start using this unit, to be able to fully use and enjoy all of its features to the maximum. Although the unit itself is not all that sophisticated, the operating system will require some basic knowledge beforehand, and certain steps and procedures to be followed first.

Some other minor setbacks we need to mention include the not included unit cover, as well as the fact that the basemap this model features offers the user minimal detail. This aspect can come as quite a nuisance, but luckily, the basemap can be updated as the device is compatible with more detailed maps, such as Nautic Insight Pro or Lake Insight. 

Also, there have been reported unit speed delays, especially in the case of boats going at higher speeds, which can cause a delay in the exact GPS location information. Despite these few setbacks, the Lowrance Hook 7 still makes a great fish finder unit that is considered to be a good value for money, both by expert fishermen and by beginners alike. 

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Main features explained


Integrated sixteen-channel GPS and trackback system

This model comes with a built-in, fully-functioning GPS system that allows its users to pinpoint exact favorite locations, waypoints, and mark certain tracks. Although the basemap integrated into the system is not all that detailed, the fact that you can upgrade the existing map comes as a huge plus to all types of users. The system is compatible with the Insight Genesis map, as a plus. 

This feature allows you to link maps and your smartphone and device’s GPS, which basically means you can upload or modify existing maps from your smartphone directly into the unit. Even if you choose to only use the Basemap charts, which are not all that detailed, you can still get a pretty good idea of your location on the existing map. Basemaps too can be upgraded.   

All these high-tech GPS options give the user a real feeling of safety and security as he or she ventures out in the open sea, or on large lakes. That’s thanks to knowing that not only will they find out a lot of interesting and useful information about the underwater world underneath them, but also, they do not run the risk of getting lost in the middle of the entire adventure. 


Hybrid dual imaging

This feature provides the user with the best of two worlds, as the user is provided with a complete and clear image created with the use of both CHIRP and Downscan technologies. The Downscan technology provides information on the underwater activity, by analyzing a water column directly underneath the boat as it sends out energy in the form of pulses.

The Hybrid Dual Imaging also allows the unit’s operating system to display this information on up to three separate windows on the same screen. This is where the 7” display really comes in handy and makes a significant difference, as the user can collect data and make an accurate assessment of the underwater activity by simply taking a glance at the unit’s display and thus knowing what they need to do next.

The information gathered by the user this way helps him or her make fast decisions on whether this is the place to be or they need to move forward with their trip to get that experience they are looking for. This type of detailed information is of utmost importance and it can make the difference between actually achieving your goal or going home carrying a less than satisfying experience. 


Advanced signal processors

This feature of the unit comes as a great plus in terms of device accuracy, as it filters out any unwanted noises and signal disturbances. This way, the unit will only identify and process the significant signals, meaning those that are relevant to the particular unit and location. 

This is highly beneficial to the end-user as the information provided is much more accurate, and offered in due time so that the user can make the most of it. 

The types of signals and noises this type of technology filters out include engine and boat noises, and signals from other devices nearby. This works especially in the case of users fishing in a crowded area, where many people choose to use these types of devices, or the water has a lot of clutter.

The signal processors incorporated in this unit also ensure higher device analyzing speeds, as a result. This feature comes as a result of the ongoing efforts and researches the Lowrance company puts into offering customers the best possible experience using its fish finding devices.

Since this feature comes as an automatic, hands-free filtering system, the user-friendly experience is totally guaranteed, while any unwanted clutter underneath the water surface is being eliminated.



The Lowrance brand started more than sixty years ago, when the company was founded in 1957, in Joplin, Missouri, where the company’s headquarters remained for many years to come. The Lowrance company started as a small business in marine equipment, and through hard work and dedication, nowadays it is one of the best-known companies in the world in that particular market.

Today, the Lowrance brand is associated with consumer GPS and sonar receivers, digital mapping systems, and High Definitions Systems, which they are most famous for. The advanced technology Lowrance uses in the manufacturing process of its consumer-oriented units while putting them out on the market at a fair price, makes them remain high in demand.

While it is still headquartered in Tulsa, the Lowrance company has approximately one thousand employees, and it ships its products worldwide, as many fishermen highly appreciate the high-tech features these units come with. Lowrance does not only produce fish finder units, as it also has a wide variety of other products that are related to scanning the environment and GPS navigation.

It was in 2006 that a deal has been signed between Simrad Yachting and Lowrance. The deal was thought to be worth 215 million dollars and it marked the birth of a new company named Navico. In the next thirteen years, Navico went on to become the world’s leading name in terms of marine navigation and exploring electronics, quickly making its way up this market. 

As a result, nowadays, Navico is the mother company of other three renowned marine electronics companies, and it has a number of over one thousand five hundred employees worldwide. The company’s products, including the Lowrance Hook 7 and many more similar units, are being distributed and shipped to more than one hundred countries around the world. 

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