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Pfleuger President Spinning Reel and Rod Combo Review

Last Updated: 01.12.23


With this Presidential spinning reel and rod combo from Pfleuger even first time anglers can make smooth and accurate casts.

You will appreciate the lightweight and sturdy construction of the spinning reel, especially when it is paired with the rod.

Every aspect of this spinning reel is designed to function smoothly for easy casts and retrievals.

Along with the stainless steel ball bearings, Pfleuger also included an anti-reverse bearing to help ensure you never lose a bite on the line.

Not only is this rod and reel combo lightweight and durable, it also comes at a price that will fit most anglers’ budgets.



It should be noted that the reel does not come with fishing line, but you can easily find some that fits your needs.

Some consumers have mentioned that the reel does not always match the included rod, and while this does not affect its performance it can be distracting for some anglers. 

1.Pflueger President Spinning Reel

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Smooth cast and retrieval

Often considered the best rod and reel combo for spinning, even beginners can easily use this setup. The spinning reel is part of Pflueger’s Presidential line, which is designed to provide a smooth cast and retrieval every time. The lightweight two piece rod fits together easily, and even experienced anglers will appreciate not having to use a ferrule to ensure it is lined up accurately. When the rod is combined with the Presidential spinning reel, anyone can enjoy smooth and accurate casts.


Lightweight and durable

The spinning reel is also designed to be lightweight and durable, which is always an advantage when you are fishing for long periods of time. The body of the reel and rotor are constructed from lightweight graphite, that is also resistant to rust and corrosion.

The reel won’t add any unnecessary weight to the rod when it is attached, so you can make smooth overhand casts without experiencing arm fatigue. The lightweight construction also makes it easier to reel fish in, especially when it is combined with the flexible MI-8 rod.

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One of the most important aspects of a spinning reel is its performance, and this model lives up to its reputation. Manufactured by Pflueger, one of the top names in the industry, you will love how smoothly this spinning reel casts and retrieves.

The spool is constructed from lightweight and durable aluminum, and machined to ensure smooth spinning. This also helps to remove any excess material that might add unnecessary weight to the reel. You also have the advantage of the incredibly smooth drag system, which relies on multiple discs and a stainless steel washer to give you the performance you need to reel in fresh water fish.


Stainless steel ball bearings

The stainless steel ball bearings ensure that this reel gives you a smooth and reliable performance every time you cast. Since the ball bearings are constructed from stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion slowly the reel down. With 6-9 BBs ensuring optimal performance, you never have to worry about skips or jerky stops that might cause your catch to get away. The reel also comes with an anti-reverse bearing that will prevent the line from going slack, while helping to ensure your hook is securely set.

2.Pflueger President Spinning Reel


Affordable price

This rod and reel combo comes at a surprisingly affordable price, especially considering the lightweight and durable construction. It is designed to provide experienced and novice anglers with an exceptionally smooth performance that will help make any fishing trip a success. The rod is well balanced, even with the reel attached, and the lightweight construction helps to prevent arm fatigue when you are reeling in larger fish like bass. Perfect for fresh water fishing in lakes and rivers, this rod and reel combo might be just what you need on your next trip.



Pflueger is well known for its high performance fishing rods and spinning reels and its Presidential line is no exception. The spinning reel is constructed from lightweight and sturdy graphite, and the machined aluminum spool smooth spins on every cast and retrieval. To ensure an optimal performance the reel uses stainless steel BBs, which include an anti-reverse bearing. This helps to keep the line taut when a fish is nibbling at the bait, and to ensure the hook is securely set before you start reeling it in. With a lightweight and flexible pole included that is extremely easy to put together, all at an affordable price, it is not hard to see why this rod and spinning reel combo is a favorite with fresh water fishermen.


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