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Top 10 Fishing Magazines in The United States

Last Updated: 12.07.24

If you’re passionate about angling and would like to take your weekend reads to a whole new level by combining your hobby with a bit of learning, maybe you need a new magazine subscription. The fact of the matter is that there are many publications you should bear in mind. So, what such a myriad of choices available, which one should you pick for your next subscription?

First off, we need to emphasize that many of the following suggestions also have online editions, most of which are free. Of course, you won’t get the same articles like those in the printed issues, in that you’ll need to pay a small fee to have access to some of the digital writing pieces.

Nevertheless, online subscriptions are often more affordable, just like doing your shopping online is, and that’s why they’re slowly but surely becoming more popular with time. Also, online you can find so much information about almost anything, like this page about blind heaters or get to know if you need crossbow targets or what hunting cameras you should check out. Plus, many anglers now own tablets or iPads that they can conveniently utilize both with their wireless fish finders and for reading their magazine issues.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the most popular angling magazines in the United States of America.

10 Best Fishing Magazines in US


1. Field & Stream

As one of the most critically acclaimed magazines available right now, Field and Stream is a magazine jam-packed with useful articles. You can read all you need to know about conservation, fishing equipment, and techniques, as well as some hunting tips. There are twelve issues per year, so you’ll be getting one every month if you decide to get a subscription.

If you aren’t sure of whether you should pay your bucks on the subscription, the least you could do is check out the Field & Stream website. It is an exceptional resource if you want to find out more about books, gear, fishing and hunting tips and tricks, survival-related information, as well as how you can cook the fish you’ve caught.

Best of all, the online magazine has a plethora of videos you can see if you’re finding it hard to understand how you can catch catfish on limblines and everything else. If you’ve recently taken up angling, you might want to check out the books section available on the site as it contains nonfiction titles like The Total Fishing Manual, one of the most critically acclaimed publications for total angling rookies.

2. Saltwater Sportsman

Unlike some other magazines that are focused on all sorts of outdoor sports and competitions, Saltwater Sportsman is a bit more limited. However, ocean anglers are surely likely to appreciate the commitment of the magazine’s editors to one type of fishing alone. It’s hard to get a good resource for saltwater angling these days.

This publication comes with pieces on anything ranging from fishing boats and how to get the right one to boat batteries, fishing from certain places in the US, and the myriad of gear available for deep sea fishing and others.

The How To category is particularly comprehensive and seems to have been designed for folks who don’t know a lot about saltwater fishing. There’s even a section dedicated to tying the perfect knot. As is the case with other magazines we’ve looked into, this one has a myriad of video recipes for cooking your catch.

3. Outdoor Life

Since it is intended for the hardcore outdoor enthusiast, this magazine comes with plenty of tips, tricks, and adventures you might be inspired by.

The website is entertaining, to say the least, as it contains a lot of info on things like gun and gear tests, dog breeds you should consider if you plan to make the most of your hunting expeditions, and even methods you can use to catch Bruiser Brown Trout.

It’s no wonder that the design of the website resembles that of Field & Stream, and that’s because the two magazines are ‘related.’

Just like the other publication we have mentioned before, this one is published monthly.

4.  Sport Fishing Magazine

Moving on to more comprehensive magazines, Sport Fishing is by far one of the most helpful resources you can check out when you’re all out of ideas. Be sure to go online and read some articles before getting a subscription, although we hardly think you’ll be disappointed in the broad array of posts that await you.

One of the neatest things about Sport Fishing is that its editors make no difference when it comes to the experience of the anglers who read their articles. What this means is that all of the writing pieces can be read by beginners and advanced fishermen and women alike. Sometimes, angling terminology can get a tad too daunting, especially if you’re a rookie.

The online issue hosts a plethora of articles on fishing boats, GPSes, safety gear, knots, rigs and tips, typical angling apparel, rods, reels, lures, line, and accessories. A set of traveling pieces will leave you wanting to visit those places. We particularly liked the about White Warsaw Grouper.

5. National Fisherman

In some respects, National Fisherman comes with the same types of articles we’ve mentioned already. It is, perhaps, a more traditional publication, in that it doesn’t contain as much info on travel and other entertaining topics. However, the subscription is reasonably priced, and the first issue is free. So, why shouldn’t you want to check it out, as well?

As with the other resources that we have mentioned before, we suggest you take a peek at the National Fisherman website before deciding to subscribe. It’s a good chance that you’ll be impressed by the variety of articles on fishing news, competitions, and fish recipes. In a way, perhaps it is a good idea to consider this publication, especially as it has a long history. Its first issue was released back in 1946.

6. Bassmaster

Compared to other magazines, Bassmaster is mostly focused on competitions and finding the perfect angling locations in the United States and the rest of the world. If you’re a fan of fishing contests reviews, this is definitely the magazine to consider as the Bassmaster editors have a lot of experience when it comes to creating perfect reports of such events.

The website hosts a myriad of posts on the many types of fishing that exist these days, tips you should use per every technique, and the gear you need to catch the trophy fish you’ve always dreamed of. Add all of that to an extremely generous selection of videos that can let you know everything you should be aware of in terms of techniques, conservation, and fishing locations, and the magazine certainly looks worth subscribing to.

7. Florida Sportsman

Florida is one of the most popular angling destinations in the United States, what with its Florida Keys. This magazine comes at you with an endless selection of articles on targeting various fish species, handling fish for catch and release, everything you’ve wanted to know about redfish, as well as some serious tips on how you can make sure you get the perfect boat for your requirements.

In short, Florida Sportsman is packed with information on anything from freshwater fishing to gear, conservation, diving, paddling, and even hunting. Something else that seems to make the difference between this publication and some of the others we have showcased is that it includes a lot of info on weather and resources and the forecast.

Because of its location, Florida can become the victim of multiple natural hazards, with one of the common one being hurricanes. At the time this article was written, Hurricane Irma was making its way toward Florida. That is why the forecast section on the Florida Sportsman website is a handy addition.

8. Fly Fisherman

Fly fishing is one of the coolest and easiest techniques you can get started with, and that’s because it doesn’t require a great deal of equipment right off the bat. Seeing how most of the gear you’ll need is affordable or can at least be bought as you develop your angling skills, fly fishing is, without a doubt, one of the most popular types of angling preferred by millions worldwide.

Fly Fisherman is available both as an online and printed issue, both of which are available at a cost. The website can give you some pointers as to whether or not the articles might be of some assistance if you are looking to get your fishing experience to a whole new level.

This magazine is an excellent resource for those who are in need of some news, fly tying instructions, angling destinations, as well as a variety of video tips and posts designed especially for beginners. Best of all, Fly Fisherman makes several forums available, where anglers just like you can share their opinions on everything they’ve tried and are looking to try out in the future.

9. In-Fisherman

In-Fisherman is another magazine you should consider if you still haven’t made up your mind. It’s a great resource for folks who want to learn different techniques per the species they are looking to catch. Most of the online articles you might come across while browsing through the In-Fisherman website are categories this way, which is to say that some are grouped under the ‘Bass’ category while others can be found to be part of the ‘Pike & Muskie’ category.

Something that makes In-Fisherman stand out from the crowd is that it has a section dedicated to biology. Every decent angler should know several basic notions regarding fish anatomy, because they can mean a lot when it comes to how you can catch one species or the next.

Also, this magazine is one of the few that includes a lot of info regarding ice fishing. Despite being one of the favorite pastimes of thousands of Americans, many publications ignore this type of angling.

10. Bass Angler

Even though it is the lesser known cousin of Bassmaster, this publication is definitely worth including in our selection. A yearly subscription is a tad less affordable compared to what you’d pay for a 12-month worth of issues of another magazine. Nonetheless, Bass Angler will inevitably assist you in defining and perfecting your bass fishing skills, what with its reports on products, techniques, and competitions.

The Bass Angler site also publishes a lot of articles on recent product releases from popular fish gear manufacturers. Some of the editors give a shot to these products so that you don’t have to waste your money. Then, they write detailed reports on how the lines or anything else they have tried have performed in real life.

Other articles detail some devices that can make an angler’s life a whole lot easier, such as underwater action cameras, fish finders, chartplotters and GPS units, and a variety of other gadgets such as digital cameras designed for water sports.


Honorable mentions


11. Marlin Magazine

If you’re into serious saltwater fishing, you should definitely check out Marlin Magazine. This publication is so sought after that it even has its own university.

The issues you might want to subscribe to are packed with info on anything from boats to offshore rigs, tips, and techniques, travel and tournaments, as well as marine electronics and offshore fishing gear.

We particularly enjoyed an article on how technology affects the way anglers interact with their potential catches.

Some say that it kills some of the charm, while others are eager to try out any device that can help them make the most of their angling. What do you think? Is Technology in Fishing Overrated?


12. Fishing Facts

If you’re looking for a resource that’s designed for the ultimate fishing beginner, your best bet is Fishing Facts.

Even the website is pretty resourceful in terms of what you ought to know about fishing in Canada, essential gear per your favorite technique, and tricks you can use to catch one species or the next.



We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article as much as we have writing it. Whether you decide to get a subscription or not, we’re certain that the previously mentioned websites can be trustworthy resources you can get back to time and again.


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